1. Title Certified Halal Awareness Training
2. Training Overview
  • Course Duration : 2 Days
  • Training Option : IN HOUSE & PUBLIC
  • Certified By : GH Certification
  • Course No : GH- CHAT-1500
3. Course Description
  • Knowledge in halal is crucial for the next course of action. This program prepares basic understanding and knowledge suffices to turn into plan and action in managing halal practice. Making the right decision on halal practice is the aims of this program.
  • A 2- days program prepares you for Certified Halal Practitioner examination by GH Certification Sdn. Bhd.
4. Our Value Is Different
  • Efficient course booking and registration
  • Our trainers are practicing professionals
  • Interactive learning materials presented by experience trainers
  • Internationally recognised by GH Certification Sdn Bhd
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