Certified as a course

N/A: the TP is certified based on the competency unit examination processes (e.g: AU, FS, etc.)

  Course length

Must be 23, 24,36 or 40 hrs?

No required length

   Examination at end of course

  • Multiple number of examinations
  • Exams can be any mixture of before, during and after the course

   Number of students allowed

No limit

  Examination is administered only once during class

Candidates may be retrained and re-examined until they are determined competent

   Written exam

Examination may be in various media (verbal, written, demostration, role-play, interview, video of performance, etc)

 Examination covers a
sample of learning objectives

  • All candidates must be examined on all competencies

   Student must be in 100% attendance

Not required: the only thing students can’t skip are examinations

  Student must attend entire course to qualify to take examination

  • Candidates may be examined when they are ready.
  • Candidates may “test out” without having to attend the class.
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